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Defy the Laws of Taste & Pleasure.

We established Defiance Cigar Group for two simple reasons:

1. To give cigar lovers a premium cigar with no equal
2. Give them a voice to fight for their right to smoke it!

Simply Put.

Just by smoking DEFIANCE™ cigars you protect your right to enjoy this simple pleasure.

Let’s face it, the ever-growing legislatively & tax based oppression of cigar smokers, retailers and manufacturers in the United States has gone too far. We couldn’t take it anymore, so we created a cigar with a bold identity & taste that promotes the need for an equally bold resistance to these oppressive forces that attempt to destroy timeless traditions.

Just by smoking DEFIANCE™ cigars you protect your right to enjoy this simple pleasure. In dedication to cigar lovers, retailers and manufacturers, DEFIANCE™ will also donate quarterly 5% of the per-box wholesale value of DEFIANCE™ cigars and accessories sold to state tobacco rights coalition where the purchasing retail store is located (ex: 5% of all wholesale sales to stores in Maryland are donated to Maryland’s state coalition).

You are fighting against unjust taxes or from being exiled from one more smoke-friendly establishment. Our national sales manager Belinda Doyle said it best when she was asked why we created the DEFIANCE™. “Enjoying a cigar with friends is how many of us choose to spend the most triumphant or relaxing moments of our lives. Excessive taxation and oppressive laws are extinguishing the flame of this simple pleasure and the future of our industry. We need to stand up for our rights. In order to succeed, we must get everyone involved. Defiance Cigar Group will offer the finest cigars, so that every smoker may enjoy their passion while doing their part to protect it.”

On behalf of the creators of DEFIANCE, we invite you to join the DEFIANCE ALLIANCE so you can stay up to date on the latest news, as well as the many ways you can fight for your right to a great smoke. One way is to support your local DEFIANT Dealers.


Kurt Van Keppel President
Scott Almsberger Vice President
Jerry Dear Exec. VP Sales
Belinda Doyle VP of Sales
Jacob Dysart Marketing Manager